Google and Facebook data

Despite myself, I'm quite impressed with the data that Google holds on me, as detailed in Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you. The timeline locations and 'My Activity' sections of the data seem particularly comprehensive! In comparison, for me, the download of my Facebook data seems relatively superficial.

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Marble statue of Odysseus.

From the Antikythera wreck.

First half of 1st century BC.

Odysseus, wearing a sleeveless short garment (exomis) and the characteristic pointed hat (pilos), strides forcefully forward, while he looks back to see if someone is following him.

The ingenious and cunning, well-travelled, King of Ithaca embodies the eternal symbol of the long and strenuous endeavour of man through life.

Dystopian Fiction

There's an interesting brief survey of the history, themes and current state of dystopian fiction in this BBC Books and Authors podcast - Mariella Frostrup and guests ask if we are entering a golden age of dystopian fiction ?

Fragment of poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley